ESAIC survey - query for endorsement

Recent evidence suggests that surgery performed at night may be independently associated with worse patient outcomes compared to day-time surgery. Working prolonged hours into the night can cause fatigue and poor operator performance, especially during difficult tasks such as surgery and anaesthesia. Chronic fatigue due to frequent night shifts may further contribute to poor performance.
The aim of this survey is to provide a platform for anaesthesiologists  (both trainees and clinicians) working in the perioperative setting (operating room, post-anaesthesia care unit, intensive care) to describe their working conditions during nighttime and voice their opinions regarding the implications of these conditions.

The data collected will be used to issue recommendations for minimal working standards for the performance of surgery/anaesthesia at night. These recommendations will be put to a vote by an international panel of anaesthesiologists comprised of trainees, junior and senior practising clinicians and eventually be published on behalf of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC).

This is your opportunity to be heard and to make a difference. All the answers are anonymized, so please participate and feel free to be candid. Otherwise, if you want your contribution to be recognized in the data report, please insert your name, surname, degree and affiliation.

5 minutes of your time will hopefully translate into perioperative practice changes in the years to come.
We highly appreciate your taking the time to complete the survey.

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 Andrea Cortegiani - Italy
Sharon Einav - Israel
Alberto Noto - Italy
Mariachiara Ippolito - Italy
Inès Lakbar - France
Arash Afshari - United Kingdom
Kranke Peter - Germany