DGAI geförderte Multizenterstudien

Multizenterstudien tragen in erheblichem Umfang zum wissenschaftlichen Gewinn in der Medizin bei.


Herr Dr. med. univ. Stephan Katzenschlager
"Advanced prehospital interventions in life threatened patients - A PRO LIFE Study"

Frau Dr. med. Julia Wallqvist
"Safe and sustainable balances anesthesia - identifying potentails in daily clinical routine (SAFE-SUSTAIN)"


Herr Prof. Dr. med Simon Schäfer und Herr Herr PD Dr. med. Philipp Groene
"DeTect-Study - (DOAC detection by thromboelastometry): Detection and differentiation of drug and
trauma induced coagulopathies using modified thromboelastometric tests"


Frau Prof. Dr. med. Maria Wittmann
"A multicentre study to validate the “PRe-Operative Prediction of postoperative DElirium by
appropriate SCreening” (PROPDESC) Score"

Frau Dr. med. Linda Grüßer
"Intraoperative fresh gas flow and ventilation settings in Germany (NO HARM) – a pre- and
postinterventional observational study"

Herr Dr. med. Benedikt Schmid
"Video-assisted vs. Conventional Laryngoscopy in Routine Endotracheal Intubation: A Randomized, Controlled Multi-Center Trial"


Frau PD Dr. med. Giovanna Lurati Buse
"PAtient-Centred Outcomes and Resource Utilisation after noncardic Surgery-D(EUTSCHLAND) (PACORUS-D)-clinical cohort"


Herr Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Saugel
"Impact of perioperative personalized blood pressure management on postoperative complications and mortality in high-risk patients having major surgery: a multicentre prospective randomized controlled interventional study (IMPROVE-multi)"

Frau Dr. med. Ana Kowark
"Impact of premedication on anxiety (IMPACT): a multicentre, prospective observational cohort study"